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DOT Physicals

DOT Physicals $88.00

Dr. Pank is a certified medical examiner. Registry number 8532304282. DOT physicals take approximately 30 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out paperwork. A urine specimen will also be collected. 


Hearing: You must be able to perceive a forced whisper at 5 feet or greater with or without hearing aides. 

Vision: You must be able to read a eye chart at a vision equivalent to  20/20 or better, with both eyes with or without glasses. Each eye independently must be 20/40.

Blood Pressure: You must have blood pressure equal to or lower then 140/90 with or without medication. (If on blood pressure lowering medication you are only certified for 1 year.)

Urinalysis: Urinalysis screens for protein, blood, and sugar. It is not a drug test. If sugar is found in the urine you will not be able to get your CDL medical card until further blood testing is performed.

Sleep Apnea: If you use a C-pap machine a usage report from the last three months is needed showing you use your machine 4 hours per night 70% of the time. 

Other medical conditions and medications: If you are being treated, have been recently treated for any medical conditions, or are currently on any medications, please bring in any medical records you may have from your treating provider. A medication list can be faxed to us 715-538-2429.

The FMCSA publishes medical requirements for drivers.  It contains a variety of information on the new rules and regulations. Visit the FMCSA for more information. 


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    Erin Paulson, Ettrick, WI
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