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Dr. Jared Bechel

  • Jared Bechel
    Doctor of Chiropractic

    A native of Eleva, WI, Dr. Jared began his chiropractic journey while working as an athletic trainer in Winona, MN.  While working with injured athletes, he had multiple experiences with chiropractors and their ability to heal his athletes in what seemed like an improbable amount of time.  Witnessing their abilities and success helped motivate Dr. Jared to pursue a career in chiropractic and inspired him to educate others about living a healthy lifestyle.

    Dr. Jared graduated from Winona State University with his Bachelors of Science earning a degree in Athletic Training with a minor in Nutrition.  He worked for two years as an athletic trainer before pursuing a career in chiropractic.  He graduated as salutatorian from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2019 with his Doctorate.            

    Dr. Jared loves to spend time with his wife, Katie, and his two dogs, Tucker and Kavik.  In his free time he loves to hunt, exercise, play sports and spend time with his family and friends.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I had foot pain from standing on concrete all day. I got my feet scanned using the Foot Leveler Orthotic system and now wear my custom orthotics daily with minimal foot pain. These custom orthotics are absolutely worth every penny!"
    Dean Sonsalla, Arcadia, WI.
  • "Quinn (4 years old) had some incidents of wetting the bed after she had a long period of dry nights. Three adjustments and Quinn has been doing great!"
    Erin Paulson, Ettrick, WI
  • "I had constant foot pain from standing on concrete all day long. I had almost immediate relief after wearing Foot Leveler orthotics."
    Garret Zwiefelhofer, Bloomer,WI